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What Is Fescue Maintenance

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Late summer and early fall bring cooler temperatures and the most favorable atmospheric condition for cool-season grasses like fescues, says the University of Tennessee Extension. That’s the alternative of warm-season grasses, that do better in warmer temperatures, like St. Augustine or Bermudagrass.  When they’re not growing, they’re in dormancy.

Tall fescue grass was dropped at the US from Europe in the late 1800s but its official discovery happened in Kentucky in 1931 – by Dr. E. N. Fergus who was by then an agricultural professor at the University of Kentucky. The discovery happened when Dr. Fergus went to Menifee County to evaluate a sorghum syrup competition that was happening. Whereas there, he was approached by a local resident who asked him if he was tuned in to the grass that was growing during a nearby farm.

Start mowing your tall fescue lawn whilst spring growth begins. Mow as required to take care of tall fescue's suggested height of two to 3 inches. Bag the season's 1st clippings to discourage the unfold of snow mould or alternative fungal lawn diseases.

Arduous fescue features a grey/green color the same as buffalo grass. It prefers northern climates with drier soils. It is growing in popularity due to its ability to tolerate heat higher than another fine fescues.

Management emerged broadleaf weeds and feed established tall fescue lawns in late spring. Wait till grass and weeds are actively growing, then apply Pennington UltraGreen Weed & Feed 30-0-4. Don't apply to newly seeded areas until new grass is mowed at least three times. After application, wait a minimum of 3 weeks before overseeding.

When planting new Fescue grass lawns, sow four to five pounds of grass seed per one,00zero sq. feet. When overseeding, sow a pair of to two ½ pounds of grass seed per one,000 sq. feet.

Fix damage in tall fescue lawns with Pennington One Step Complete Tall Fescue. Below correct growing conditions, this combination of premium Smart Seed grass seed, professional-grade fertilizer and mulch repairs vacant spots in 2 weeks or less.

Keep your tall fescue lawn free of toys, sticks, rocks and other winter debris. Flush areas broken by pet urine or de-icing salts when soil thaws. This helps prepare bare spots for quick lawn repairs.

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Before operating with any sort of grass, one issue you need to contemplate is how it will interact with your lawn. That’s why, during this section, I want to set your time aside to speak regarding whether or not or not fine fescue is nice for your lawn. Let’s take a peek.

The simplest method for planting grass seed is by using a rotary spreader. It can broadcast the seed instead of dropping it as when employing a drop spreader. Nice precision and extra work is needed if you employ a drop spreader.


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